How much time do you need for large orders?
Give us a minimum of a one days notice for large orders to guarantee your request for specific flavors. Otherwise you can still walk in and try your luck at the flavors we have on hand and hope we have the assortment you desire. Give us about 7 minutes for the 12 pack and 10 minutes for the 24 pack to have them frosted fresh for you.
Is there wi-fi available?
Yes! Enjoy your desserts while you're studying, emailing, or browsing the web. Simply ask for the wi-fi passcode and begin surfing. Limited internet access available. Store internet rules and polices apply.
Do you offer vegan/glutenfree/eggfree options?
Sorry. We do not carry vegan/gluten-free/egg-free desserts at this period of time. However, we are always diligently adding more to our menu. As soon as we come across a vegan/gluten-free/egg-free dessert we would like to feature you may soon see it as one of our regular items in the future. So keep checking back with us.
What is your pre-order policy?
Due to the volume of orders we receive each day, it is unpredictable as to which desserts would be sold out on a given day. In order to better serve you, we highly recommend that you pre-order your desserts in advance to guarantee the availability of your favorite desserts. All orders must be either: pay in full, have a 10% deposit, or have a credit card on hold (to which a cancellation fee will be charged if the order was cancelled). Any orders that fail to pick up after 48 hours of their scheduled pick up time will be charged 50% of the amount on the hold credit card. Any deposits or payments will NOT be refunded. Because of the nature of our business and our quality and freshness assurance, we will dispose of any dessert item that is not picked up after the 48 hour period of holding the desserts.
Is refrigeration necessary for the desserts?
Since our frosting is non-dairy the cupcakes & brownies do not need to be refrigerated. Room temperature is recommended, away from heating & direct sunlight. Storage in a refrigerator is not recommended because the desserts can harden. Only the cheesecakes and specialty desserts need refrigeration since they contain dairy and can spoil if left out for over 30 minutes.
May I request for the cheesecake to be frozen?
Yes you may. Just make sure you pre-order 24 hours ahead so we can begin freezing your cheesecakes accordingly to your desired pick up time.
What kind of frosting do you use if it is not the usual buttercream frosting?
We offer a non-dairy frosting as our signature frosting. We find that since it is lighter (in terms of sweetness, calories & density) compared to buttercream it will better compliment our light & moist cupcakes. Another factor we want to avoid, which normally happens with buttercream cupcakes, is after having a bite or two the buttercream may sometimes feel overwhelmingly sweet or heavy that you end up not finishing the cupcake & tossing it out. With our cupcakes that situation should not be a problem, we tailored each of our cupcakes to leave you wanting more of our desserts.
Is it possible if we could special request buttercream frosting?
Absolutely! Most of our customers prefer our signature non-dairy frosting but for those just craving buttercream we can definitely accommodate you as well. All you need to do is submit a pre-order of at least 24 hours, either by phone or in person, & indicate that you want the cupcakes frosted with buttercream.
My event is themed for a specific color. Do you offer colored non-dairy frosting?
Yes we do! Just place your order 24 hours before your pick-up time & we could try our best to color match our frosting for you. Pastel colors are highly recommended since deeper tones become difficult to match. However, we will always try our best to match your desired colors. Colored frosting is an extra charge of $1(for as many as 48 cupcakes) for each color requested. Another option to consider would be to use colored jimmies (sprinkles) which are at no extra cost.
We offer a wide selection of toppings that may match your event better.
Would it be possible to get buttercream or color frosting the same day if I happen to just walk in?
You can try your luck & see if we have leftover specialty frosting from a previous order that day. However, more often than not we do not carry a large supply of specialty frosting on hand unless it was reserved. We always recommend pre-ordering those types of frosting within 24 hours in order to guarantee we have it for your order.
Can I bring in my own toppers and baking liners to be used?
Of course you can, if you cannot find a certain topper / baking liner at our store, you are welcome to bring your own. We only ask to keep them in original package for health code purpose.
I noticed you do not open until 11am but I will need desserts earlier than that. What can I do?
Fortunately, we offer early pick up availability from the 9am - 11am for those who pre-ordered at least a day before the actual pick up date. Always make sure to be prompt if picking up an order before 11am. If you feel you will not make it on time just give us a call at (562) 430-1800 to adjust your pick up time. At the time of pick up simply knock on the doors or call us to let us know you have arrived. Early pick up is a courtesy we offer to all our customers; abuse of placing orders early and not picking up without a prior notice may result to removal of this courtesy for future orders.
If I order a 12 pack can I split up the desserts into two boxes and still pay the price of the 12 pack ($12)?
Since our cupcakes, cheesecakes and brownies are all priced by the package we will have to charge you by each package amount. However, each box can be purchased by itself (no dessert included) for an extra charge (prices vary according to box size) should you need to split desserts on your own.
What is your cancellation policy?
Sweet Embellishments understands that plans change and we will gladly assist you in making changes to your order date and time whenever possible, if possible. All changes must be handled directly with a representative of Sweet Embellishments and be confirmed. Sweet Embellishments reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee depending on the insufficient time that is given, due to costs incurred in the purchase, priority and preparation of the order. Charges for cancellations will be as follows: 50% of the entire order will be charged for cancellations within 24 hours before the scheduled pick up time and we'll charge the full amount for canceling the order same day.
Are you hiring?
The owners of Sweet Embellishments encourage any and all of those that are interested in pursuing a (entry level and above) career at our lovely shop. Simply come in and ask any of our helpful staff members for a application and return it with a attached resume. We will review it and if a position opens up with your corresponding skill set you will be promptly notified for an interview. Even if we are not hiring at the moment, we still welcome you to put in an application for future open positions.